28.May.2010 Side Street Projects brings their Woodworking Bus to Public Art party

The Pasadena-based, but very mobile nonprofit Side Street Projects is headed west to Beverly Hills for Public Art Party. Parking their woodworking bus near Erratic on Park Way (between Cañon and Crescent Drives) volunteers will host classes at 2 and 3:30pm to create Roxy Paine-inspired crafts.

Come early and sign up on the bus 15 minutes before each class. Workshops are limited to 10 participants each, must be at least 5 years old and wearing close-toed shoes.

27.May.2010 Roxy Paine, Jim Heimann and Timothy Greenfield-Sanders at The Paley Center for Media

The Paley Center for Media celebrates ForYourArt’s second Public Art Party with special screenings, an exhibition and access to their beautiful roof-top garden. Celebrating Roxy Paine’s sculpture Erratic, The Paley Center will host an all-day screening of a video interview with the artist giving viewers insight into his work, process and specifically his new sculpture, situated in Beverly Gardens Park on Santa Monica Blvd. at Crescent Dr. Executive Editor of TASCHEN Jim Heimann, has also curated a special selection of videos from The Paley Center’s media library, which will showcase clips from his favorite TV shows. Catch an episode or two of Ralph Stories Los Angeles, The Lloyd Thaxton Show, Shebang, The Carol Burnet Show, Saturday Night Live or Laugh in throughout the day. Timothy Greenfield-Sanders’ photo exhibition The Black List, featuring many notable living African-Americans, is also on view throughout the day. Bring your box lunch from Porta Via of special Public Art Party cupcake and enjoy the view while you picnic in The Paley Center’s roof-top garden.

Whoopi Goldberg, from Timothy Greenfield Sanders’ The Black List

John Legend, from Timothy Greenfield Sanders’ The Black List

26.May.2010 Jim Heimann joins Public Art Party

Jim Heimann–TASCHEN America’s executive editor, a “ cultural archeologist” and graphic design historian with a passion for L.A.’s cultural, political and social history, will be in TASCHEN’s Beverly Hills store from 3-5pm on June 5th for Public Art Party. While signing copies of his newest book Los Angeles: Portrait of a City he will walk visitors through noteworthy moments of Los Angeles and Beverly Hills’ history through the photos in his book–many of which are from his unrivaled private collection of ephemera.

Check out a few photos from Los Angeles: Portrait of a City:

The Hollywood sign was built in 1923 as an advertisement for Los Angeles Times Harry Chandler’s “Hollywoodland” real estate development. In the background, the San Fernando Valley remains largely rural and undeveloped.

Opening of the Warner Theater, later the Wiltern, Wilshire Boulevard and Western Avenue, October 7, 1931. Photo by Mott Studio

Rita Aarons, wife of the photographer, swimming in a pool festooned with floating baubles and a decorated Christmas tree, ca 1955. Photo by Slim Aarons

Little Tokyo, First Street, 1953. The Japanese community recovered its presence near downtown Los Angeles after World War II. Photo by Frank J. Thomas

President Gerald Ford and Ronald Reagan, then governor, confer at the Century Plaza Hotel, 1974. Photo by David Hume Kennerly

Public Art Party at Beverly Hills Public LIbrary

The library is hosting a full day of events and activities to celebrate Public Art Party. Dana Goodyear, co-founder of Figment and staff writer for The New Yorker kicks the day off with Flash Fiction, a 10-minute writing competition for kids in the Teen Zone. Ten lucky contestants will compete to win prizes including a manuscript consultation with writer Lizzie Skurnick, awarded to whoever who receives the most applause.

A display of books that inspire artist Roxy Paine to create his naturally-referential sculptures, will be available at the front kiosk for visitors to peruse and a map to take yourself on a self guided tour of all of the original art in the library will be available at the front desk throughout the day. Explore the library’s Fine Art Collection to learn more about artists from Jeff Koons to Michaelangelo and at 2pm, come by the library auditorium for a lecture fitting the day’s theme with art historian Sharon Fitzgerald on public art of the ’60s and ’70s.

Your Guide to Public Art Party

Designed especially for June 5th’s Public Art Party, the colorful, 8-paneled map is your guide to the day’s events, highlighting each of the participating locations and providing a full schedule of activities as well as showcasing Beverly Hills’ outstanding cultural resources. Pick one up at any of the featured locations, including the Beverly Hills Public Library, Gagosian, The Paley Center for Media, Porta Via, TASCHEN or Sprinkles starting this weekend or download a printer-friendly version here. The guide also has instructions for texting in to receive additional photos, video, information and chances to win prizes throughout the day directly to your phone.

25.May.2010 Ed Schad on Roxy Paine’s Erratic

“Existing with the earth, to Paine, is not about extinguishing our presence in it, but instead about finding the best mutual condition between humans and their planet”

ForYourArt, The Beverly Hills Fine Art Commission and James Cohan Gallery will be celebrating Roxy Paine’s Erratic, the newest edition to Beverly Hills’ public art collection, during June 5th’s Public Art Party. On the occasion, L.A. based writer and curator, Ed Schad shares his thoughts on Roxy Paine and his naturally-inspired works:

If you feel confused by Roxy Paine’s sculpture Erratic, 2007, it is reasonable. The sculpture has a very simple premise – it is a group of boulders made of stainless steel (a technological feat – it is easy to make a cooking pot out of stainless steel, but very hard to make something of this size). The rocks are gnarly with the welds exposed and the end of one of the squat masses recreates how a rock can often flake off an outer layer, suggesting that it was built up over time by layers of sediment and weather. This detail is exceptionally weird – why would this shiny thing, this futuristic lump, pretend to be ancient, why would it have a naturalistic detail when it makes no effort whatsoever to blend in with the landscape? Paine’s sculpture is brazen. The rock does not try to hide the fact that it is built by humans. This can be disconcerting.

And rightly so — Paine presents this sculpture in Beverly Hills for an important reason. For Paine, humans and their work are extensions of nature and there is no reason to make a distinction between “natural” as opposed to “unnatural.” Paine uses machines to make “natural objects” and manipulates natural situations inside of conditions set by humans. Everything is natural and even simulations of nature should and do exist amongst the givens of the earth. The implications are sweeping. For instance, the romantic notion that the best existence is a return to “pure nature” or to a time when the earth was untouched by human hands is a foolish thought in Paine’s philosophy, for to make such a claim denies that humans are part of the equation — to imagine a world without humans and their technologies is the ultimate unnatural thought. Existing with the earth, to Paine, is not about extinguishing our presence in it, but instead about finding the best mutual condition between humans and their planet.

Public Art Party Cupcakes from Sprinkles!

Sprinkles Cupcakes owner Candace Nelson gave us a behind the scenes peek of the red velvet cupcake designed specially for Public Art Party. To celebrate the day, the first 100 people to whisper “Public Art Party,” at the Beverly Hills store after noon on June 5th, will receive a free cupcake!

Check out Candace on Cupcake Wars, premiering on Food Network June 15th.

24.May.2010 Nancy Rubins’ “Skins, Structures, Landmasses”

We all have some history with boats, whether our grandparents came over that way or whether we used them as kids. The canoe, for example, is such a simple form, an ancient form. And it’s 100 percent figurative, designed around the human figure. –Nancy Rubins

Public Art Party brings a rare opportunity to walk through and discuss beloved Los Angeles-based artist Nancy Rubins‘ new exhibition at Gagosian with the artist herself. At 1pm on June 5th, the artist will lead visitors through Skins, Structures, Landmasses–her first exhibition in L.A. since 2001. The show will feature new sculptures, assembled on site at the gallery, drawings, and photographic collages that site both the traditions of modernist American monumental sculpture as well as bricolage, which emphasize the aesthetic possibilities of quotidian objects.

Skins, Structures, Landmasses will be open all day during Public Art Party and is on view until July 9.

bodycity at Public Art Party

bodycity is:
a dance democracy
a navigational experiment
a collection of voluntary particles

Performing twice during Public Art Party–beginning at 1:30pm in front of Erratic and again at 3pm in front of the Beverly Hills Public Library–bodycity, the democratic dance collective will bring their unique style of performance to the streets and parks of Beverly Hills. Join in the movement if the mood strikes, bodycity encourages audience participation and experimentation within their dances. Find out more about the ensemble, and check out some of their videos and past performances below.

bodycityIV: the steepest street in california from bodycity on Vimeo.

The Wikidance from bodycity on Vimeo.

bodycity V: re-rebuilt from bodycity on Vimeo.

bodycity is a dance democracy. They are completely ensemble based, each with varying levels of training. They are all creative directors. The dances challenge the notion of dance and choreography as a traditional/singular vocabulary performed by specific dance “types.” They are dedicated to the site specific. They are interested in the humorous, perplexing, delightful, weird, pensive, beautiful, exciting and lively.

20.May.2010 Welcome to Public Art Party!

This year we are excited to celebrate culture in Beverly Hills with a days worth of art featuring special events, food, dance and music performances, artist and curator-lead tours, hands on activities for kids and teens, and special prizes.

A Public Art Party welcome message from ForYourArt founder, Bettina Korek:

Welcome to Public Art Party from ForYourArt on Vimeo.

This year’s activities include:

  • SMS enhanced, self-guided tours of Public Art in Beverly Hills including Yayoi Kusama’s Hymn of Life: Tulips and Roxy Paine’s Erratic.
  • Kusama-inspired face painting
  • Roxy Paine-inspired crafts in Side Street Projects’ Woodworking Bus
  • Performances by innovative dance troupe bodycity and the UCLA Brazilian Music Ensemble
  • Timothy Greenfield-Sanders’ photo exhibition The Black List, video screening of an interview with Roxy Paine and T.V. selections from the video library by Jim Heimann, Executive Editor of TASCHEN, at The Paley Center for Media
  • Self-guided tours of the Fine Art Collection and display of some of Roxy Paine’s favorite books at the Beverly Hills Public Library
  • Flash Fiction with Dana Goodyear, co-founder of Figment and staff writer for The New Yorker, at the Library
  • Walkthrough of her new exhibition Skins, Structures, Landmasses with artist Nancy Rubins at Gagosian
  • Special box lunches from Porta Via
  • Special Public Art Party cupcakes from Sprinkles
  • Talk with art historian Sharon Fitzgerald about public art of the ’60s and ’70s
  • Photography exhibition along Canon Drive and photography panel Conversations on Creativity featuring Zale Richard Rubins and Linda Kunik
  • Book signing for Jim Heimann’s Los Angeles: Portrait of a City at TASCHEN
  • Happy Hour along Canon Drive
  • Photos and Phantasy Exhibition, a selection from the Fredrick R. Weisman Art Foundation at the Beverly Hills Municipal Gallery at City Hall
  • Special prizes including museum memberships, signed catalogues, tickets to performances, art experiences and surprises throughout the day!