03.Jun.2010 Text Public Art Party

This year, ForYourArt’s Public Art Party will be celebrated not only through special events, food, performances, activities, and tours, but also in the digital world. Providing a second layer of content through SMS messaging, this year’s Public Art Party puts extended information about the day’s events, artists, and art works literally at your fingertips. Just by texting key words to 21534*, you can receive sneak peeks, images, videos and more about many of Public Art Party’s attractions.

“Paine” to 21534 to hear more about Roxy Paine’s Erratic from writer and curator Ed Schad
“BHMap” to 21534 for a map of Beverly Hills’ public art collection
“Kusama” to 21534 to get information on Yayoi Kusama and see more of her work
“blklist” to 21534 to see a slide show of images from Timothy Greenfield-Sanders’ The Black List
“Paley” to 21534 for a list of Jim Heimann’s favorite TV shows.
“Rubins” to 21534 to see images from Nancy Rubins’ exhibition Skins, Structures, Landmasses
“Cupcake” to 21534 for a sneak peek of the Public Art Party cupcake
“Books” to 21534 for a reading list of books that inspire Roxy Paine
“TASCHEN” to 21534 for photos from Jim Heimann’s book Los Angeles: Portrait of a City
“Photo” to 21534 for images from the Canon Drive Association photo competition
“bodycity” to 21534 for a video of a bodycity performance
“Meier” to 21534 for information and images about Beverly Hills’ newest architectural landmark

Don’t forget to text “pARTy” to 21534 for the Public Art Party schedule and chances to win museum memberships, special art access tickets, signed books and more!

*Message & data rates may apply

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