02.Jun.2010 The Black List

The Black List Project, a collaboration between photographer/filmmaker Timothy Greenfield-Sanders and critic Elvis Mitchell will be on view at The Paley Center for Media throughout Public Art Party. Using a combination of media including photographs, video and the web, The Black List Project is a provocative and engaging exploration of what it means to be an African American today. The exhibition, on view at The Paley until June 6, 2010, features a series of portraits by Greenfield-Sanders, a book, an interactive website, and the three-part documentary series created for HBO. The documentary’s interviews capture a rare glimpse into the lives of public figures we may think we know, and provide an insightful groundwork upon which to build a conversation about race in contemporary culture. In The Black List, Greenfield-Sanders and Mitchell have used both traditional and new media as a frame to examine questions that are deeply rooted in our history, but also incredibly relevant to our world today.

Beverly Johnson, from Timothy Greenfield Sanders’ The Black List

Hill Harper, from Timothy Greenfield Sanders’ The Black List

LaTanya Richardson, from Timothy Greenfield Sanders’ The Black List

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