02.Jun.2010 John Umbanhowar Exhibition design for CAñon Drive Photo Competition

Cañon Drive and Arts for All invited architect John Umbanhowar of hughesumbanhowar architects to create the exhibition design for their photo exhibition, on view throughout Public Art Party. John lent us insight into his display design–brightly-colored orange diagonal stripes–saying the color attracts attention and highlights the subtle tones of the black and white prints and that the diagonal stripe motif transcends the individual dynamics of each exhibition location offering a uniform system that helps tie the exhibition together. The photos, mounted on John’s stripes, are on view now along Cañon Dr. Vote for your favorite or bid on it via silent auction at each of the exhibition locations, proceeds benefit the Beverly Hills Education Foundation. The winner of the competition will be announced at the Conversations on Creativity photography panel at the Beverly Cañon Gardens at 2pm during Public Art Party.

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